Down a

Dirt Road

Howdy. Come on down to the house.

Grab a glass of sweet tea. Pull up a rocking chair and set a spell. We’ll have more fun than a basketful of speckled puppies as we meander down memory lane, recalling the way we really were. (And sometimes the way we wish we had been.)

What we're about

We're kind of a combination of the Beverly Hillbillies meet the Grapes of Wrath, with a little Will Rogers and Minnie Pearl thrown in.

Since I’m older than dirt, my intent for this blog is to share the thoughts, lessons, and memories of an 84 year old who began as a child of the Great Depression.


Some of the old ways will amaze you, tickle you and charm you. Some will make you long for those old days and some will make you glad you're living in modern times.

But there’ll be other topics. Our new rescue pup, Bailey, is a Fourth of July sparkler in my daily life so there will certainly be bits about her.

She has a hard life - not spoiled at all.

And, even at 84, I’m still riding a motorcycle (trike - as a passenger) so I’m sure that will get mentioned.

And other things about perspective on life from 84, the adventure of writing, just about anything that comes to mind. In other words, many different hues, as life itself has many colors. I hope it’ll interest a few folks.

So glad you could be here. So glad you could come. Now, on to the fun.

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