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All the Colors of My Soul

All the Colors of My Soul book by Leta McCurry

About the story...

In All the Colors of My Soul, Neva Holiday, a decent, God-fearing wife, and mother, reveals how she is plunged from a teen occupied with dreams of happily-ever-after into the darkness of retribution and murder.


Growing up in the 1930s Santa Clara Valley, California, Neva wanted nothing more than to reach eighteen, have a beau, get married and mother a houseful of kids. Simple, quiet, peaceful.

As she blossoms into a young woman during high school, she finds herself torn between a life-long bond with Royce, the boy next door and her growing love for Will, a handsome newcomer escaping the destitution of Dust Bowl Oklahoma. Before she can discover the desire of her heart, WWII tears her world apart, plunging her into years of fear and dread of receiving the telegram beginning, “We regret to inform you.”

A son, Danny, brings joy and purpose to her life until an insidious influence creeps into the family unawares, creating an unspeakable tragedy, forever shattering Neva’s dreams of quiet happiness, and forcing her to confront whether she will turn the other cheek or strike back with a calculated retribution that shakes her to the core of her soul.

What Readers Say

In a dizzying exposé of the human spirit, Leta McCurry weaves a riveting tale of a young woman’s descent into darkness. Emotionally gripping and magnificently crafted, this rich and heart-wrenching novel will keep you on the edge of your seat as you race to its extraordinary conclusion. — Heidi Thomas, Award-winning author of the “Cowboy Dreams” series.


All the Colors of My Soul is a sweeping twentieth-century historical fiction. If you like captivating character studies, poignant moral quandaries, and vivid snapshots of the past, then you’ll love Leta McCurry’s mesmerizing story. — Sally Bates, Award-winning author of Western fiction and poetry.


Leta McCurry has written her best novel yet. I was captured from her first line, "My parents raised me right. I'm a good person. I love God. It's important for you to know that because I'm about to kill someone." Leta's powerful writing continues throughout the book; "By then my life, our life, our world, and been plunged into the deepest pit of the inferno, and the dogs of hell slashed, ripped, and tore us into tiny bits and pieces. Then they gnawed our bones to be sure that we could never be made right, that nothing would ever be the same again." - Doranne Long

Become transported into the life and soul of young innocent and carefree girl as she journeys into life overcoming tragedy, finding love and struggles between right and wrong, good and evil. You will become intertwined in the emotional journey of love, loyalty and betrayal. Ultimately experiencing the darkness within each of us. Leta McCurry expertly crafts a riveting tale that will touch all emotions, keeping you at the edge of your seat and yearning for more. - Amazon Customer


Believe me, in those long, dark hours of the night, as I cried out for mercy, I held up to the Lord all the colors of my soul. You know me, Lord, I said. You’ve known me from my mother’s womb. I’m a good person. Cleanse my mind and soul of this burden, Lord, and set me free. All I heard was silence.

So. I will kill her. Soon.

                     All the Colors of My Soul

                                    Leta McCurry

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