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What's it about?

Read the untold stories! As an ARC insider, you’ll automatically receive the unpublished chapters that often don’t make it into the published version of a book. What else happened to your favorite characters? Now you can know.


Free Unpublished Chapters

of Your Favorite Books

Early Readers Discount

You will also receive notice of special pricing on new releases for Advance Readers Club members prior to general public promotion.  Get your book ahead of everyone else and at a generous discount.

Periodic Newsletter, Insider Information, Other Goodies

I do appreciate and respect your interest. I promise not to email you frivolously, but you will periodically receive newsletters with the latest insider information, news, pre-release chapters, and other goodies. From time to time you may also have the opportunity to participate in the writing and/or publication process by giving your input regarding cover selection, characterizations or names, etc. You may unsubscribe at any time by clicking at the bottom of any newsletter. 

Free Pre-Publication Chapters

- New Releases

A second benefit of being an ARC insider: You’ll receive chapters of new books to read before  they are published and be able to give your feedback. Your opinion and input as a reader is so important. You can be a great help to me as a writer. I want to know what you think before going to publication.

I'm a Reader, Too.


One of the best parts of reading a really good book is sharing it with others.  From time to time, I’ll let you know about books I think are really worth the read. If you will let me know about books you love, I’ll be happy to pass the titles and your comments on to the club.  We’re all looking for that next great read!

Be sure to join our online Between the Pages Book Club online book club and share your reads with others. It’s fun.

You Have the Power


You, the reader, have the power to make or break a book. Honest reviews are undoubtedly one of the, if not the most important, factor in how widely a book is read (unless of course the writer is a James Patterson or a Danielle Steele).  And that is why writer’s write – to be read. I don’t think I’ve ever met a writer whose driving motivation was money (it’s a good thing! Only the very top writers actually make a living.) So you can play a big role in an author’s success by leaving a review, even a short one, for every book you read.

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