A Shadow Life


About the story...

Run, Mama said. Run if something bad happens. Well, what just happened is worse than Mama could have imagined, and young Laney Hawkins, covered in blood and alone, is on the run for her life. She finds a way to hide in plain sight, building a near-perfect life, until three people from her past show up looking for revenge, redemption, and love. She must run again or stand her ground and face the enemy. Her life depends on it. 

What Readers Say


Leta tells one hell of a tale. As a writer, I could only hope to spin a narrative this amazing. Easy to follow and filled with some cringe-worthy moments (Harley) but it kept me following through poor Laney's tales and Ruby Jo, how I saw Hollywood for the girl with a jar of nickels and dimes. Fantastic read!!! - K. L. Laettner - Author - 5 Star Amazon Review


Oh what a tangled web of lies Laney Hawkins, alias Mercy Grace French weaves when first she practices to run, hide, save her skin and not get murdered by the disgusting abuser Harley who killed her mother. The blending of Laney’s life and Mercy Grace’s life had me puzzled, which is a good thing, it kept me wanting to know how they would hook up. Clever Laney made a plan and it worked very well until the past popped up like dead fish in a stagnant pond, first Harley, then the mother that wasn’t, and the brother that wasn’t.

The author not only delivered a page turner, but she delivered desperation, futility, fear and the hopelessness of the late depression era of America in words and description. I really didn’t see a way out from under all the subterfuge. I held my breath until the very end, wondering how Laney could possibly unravel all her lies. I crossed my fingers and hoped for a happy ending. I got it, thank you Leta McCurry. - Dorothy Bell - 5 Star Amazon Review.


One of the best books I have ever read and I am an avid reader. Made me laugh, made me cry, couldn't put it down. The way the story line jumped around kept me on my toes - well, not really. I did sit down while reading this truly remarkable story about how to get rid of ugly and how to give in to love. Can't say anymore or I will give it all away. Thank you Leta.- Judi Holderman – 5 Star Amazon Review

The plot was complex and full of surprise twists and turns. One character’s unexpected appearance toward the end of the story threw me for a loop. Villain Harley—weak, corrupt, and predatory—lurked in the corners of the story like an annoying insect or beastly shadow. How is it such people can wield such power over women?

The story contains enough reality to ground the reader, but also provides a feeling of escape. Watch for one of the heroine’s Cinderella-like metamorphosis. I highly recommend this book. M. Dean – 5-Star Amazon Review


The kerosene lamp burned low in the silence. Mattie Hawkins was the only one fully awake in the deep hours of the night. She stared at the plain pine box holding the remains of her husband as flickering shadows, like ghosts on the prowl, moved softly among the small group keeping wake. In that raw box lay her life and Laney’s, snatched away as suddenly and surely as if they had been picked up by a tornado and blown to kingdom come.

                                A Shadow Life

                                Leta McCurry