High Cotton Country


About the story...

A sweltering summer afternoon in a dusty Texas Hill Country town in the middle of nowhere. Cazzie Randle comes face to face with an explosion of secrets that have haunted her all her life.  The shocking revelations destroy her world, leaving her to pick up the pieces. If she can.

What Readers Say

Weave a thread of truth through a wild tale and you’ve got a good story, make that thread golden and you’ve got a magnificent story. Ms.McCurry weaves with golden thread. I enjoyed reading as she wrapped that thread around rich, full characters as life turned them upside down and set them each on different paths. Five stars for High Cotton County! – Jean Cogdell – 5-Star Amazon Review

What struck this reader from the first page was the sophisticated tone and the rhythm of language. Author Leta McCurry writes like a dance, each phrase, sentence and paragraph effortless. I loved how the book emerged in a holistic, germane and effortless unfolding that left questions unanswered, but not for too long. And I loved how entrenched I was in the characters, their POV's important to me, no matter how briefly I was in their head. Just a flawless read. Anne Schroeder - 5-Star Amazon Review

Leta has the knack for the humor particular to the South like so many southern women writers; authors like Rita Mae Brown, Eudora Welty, and my all time favorite, Ellen Gilchrist—come to mind. I delighted in how she described “Cazzie’s heart kicked into overdrive and sputtered like a motor with a flooded carburetor.” – Kate Hitt – 4-Star Amazon Review 

Bravo! This is my second book from this author and ANOTHER stellar novel! LOVE LOVE LOVE! I can't get enough of Leta McCurry! She knows how to dig into the depths of your soul and make you feel ever ounce of what it means to be human through the traumas and tribulations (the traumas are DEEP AND PAINFUL) of her characters. She paints a picture with words finer than Rembrandt could! Her books are mesmerizing, must reads! I can't say enough good things about Leta except that I hope she keeps writing! I will read every damn book she writes and I will probably re-read her books as well in the future! I am truly one of her biggest fans! READ THIS BOOK! READ IT NOW! PUT DOWN ALL OTHER BOOKS AND READ IT!!!!  M. Guerrero – 5-Star Amazon Review


The last thing Big John Clifford needed was one more thing to pester his day, but there she was, big as life.

                 High Cotton Country

                 Leta McCurry