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Dancing to the Silence

Dancing to the Silence book by Leta McCurry

About the story...

In Dancing to the Silence, a heart-wrenching event on Macy Eldridge’s fiftieth birthday brings her face to face with the realization that she’s a mess and her life is a train wreck.

If it’s to be fixed she must revisit a pain-riddled past and memories of Pastor Rufus Tate, her volatile cult preacher father, an indifferent mother, and the one awful incident that changed her life. Is she ready to know the reason for the unspeakable betrayal by Nye Calhoun, the man she loves?


Macy embarks on a quest for understanding and peace and along the way finds herself

What Readers Say

I am deeply enamored by Leta McCurry's writing. This lady knows how to weave a story that touches your heart, makes your pulse race, and demands that you read one more chapter until the next thing you know you have read the whole book. Interesting story line, characters you will never forget.

Jeanie – 5- Star Amazon Review 


Totally engaging. Hard to put down. Someone said a rut is just an open-ended grave. Macy has buried herself for years, just putting one foot in front of another, caring for her family, practicing appeasement in her loveless marriage, always deferring her own happiness. Suddenly finding herself truly alone, with not even her cat to care for or to care for her, Macy is forced to take stock of her life and think about her future. McCurry, always a consummate storyteller, walks us through Macy's troubled past, weaving a fascinating story of cruelty, lies, and the death of dreams. Will Macy find the courage to try for a second chance at happiness? Janice Clark – Amazon 5 Star Review


I have read all of Leta's books and thoroughly enjoyed each of them. She has a way of pulling you in so you feel the pain and joy of her main character and I found myself crying and laughing right along with her. Leta's dialogue and characters are believable and her story of one women's commitment, sacrifice and life-long struggle to find love held me captive to the finish. I can't wait to read Leta's next book. Susan -. 5-Star Amazon Review

I read this book in 2 days. The characters were vivid and real. I found myself involved in their lives, their stories. I didn’t like a few of them, felt sorry for others and wanted to lend advice to some. I felt like I knew Macy at the end and wanted to call her up to have a cup of coffee!!! Amazon Customer – 5-Star Review



"David had just died, and the kids wanted me to buy a house in town.” She sighed. “I wasn’t able to explain that it wasn’t about downsizing my living space.”

“So, what was it about?” Connie leaned forward in her chair.

Macy stared at the bottom of her coffee cup, well aware Connie was

intently studying her. She looked up and met Connie’s gaze. “I needed to pull my life close around me so I could stand in the center, reach out and touch the boundaries and know who I am.”

                      Dancing to the Silence

                                Leta McCurry

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