Historical fiction about the 

indomitable courage and spirit of ordinary women

who fight for a life on their own terms

and refuse to be pigeon-holed in a “woman’s place.”

My Books

Secrets. Hidden they destroy from within. 
Revealed they will explode her life.

A message that her father is dying sends a reluctant Cazzie Randle to his bedside but not to reconcile a lifelong estrangement. This is her last chance to make him reveal the secrets behind the memories that haunt her. He must answer questions of “Why?” Why did he abandon her? Why did her mother… 

Run, Laney, Run. That's what Mama said she should do if something really bad happened.

Well, what just happened is worse than Mama could have imagined. Now Laney, covered in blood and in a seizure of terror is on the run from the law and her past.

Macy can't change the past. Does she have the courage to change the future?

Macy Tate Eldridge can’t change the past. Does she have the courage to change the future?


A heart-rending loss on her fiftieth birthday stuns widow Macy into facing the truth. She’s a mess, and her life's a train wreck. To change it, she must come to terms with a pain-riddled past, a volatile, abusive, cult preacher father, an indifferent mother, and betrayal by the man she loves.


She can continue hiding where she feels safe, or she can confront her demons. But, does she have the mettle to revisit the trauma, the betrayal and the one awful incident that changed her life?  She looks for answers, and along the way, finds herself. 

Coming - Fall 2019

The anvil of justice is planted firm, and fate who makes the sword does the forging in advance. -  Aeschylus

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