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Tale-spinner. Cornbread and fried okra country girl. She enjoys writing, reading, long, lonesome roads on a Stallion motorcycle, good food, travel, genealogy, and a large, fun-loving family. Favorite destinations include Ireland and Singapore. Leta is the author of Introduction to Commercial Real Estate, High Cotton Country, A Shadow Life, Dancing to the Silence, and All the Colors of My Soul. Presently, she is writing her fifth novel, Glory Road.

What Readers Say

I was at the gym chatting with the lady on the treadmill next to mine.  She told me her step-mom was a writer.  It was Leta McCurry!  I said I will have to get her books!  I am glad I did.  Her stories opened a whole new world to me.  They are the kind of books you can’t put down.   That has sparked my desire to read more.  

Ramona Munkus,