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                                  A personal message –

Put yourself in the picture - you can be an important and helpful part of my writing journey.

As a writer, I love feedback and conversations with readers. You are the reason I write, so when you have read High Cotton Country, A Shadow Life, or any other of my books, I’d love your feedback.

Please tell me what you liked, what you loved, and even what you hated. Who were your favorite characters? Why did you like them? Who didn’t you like? Why? In what way did the story touch you? 

Even minimum input helps me become a better writer.

Another way you can help - reviews.

They are difficult to come by these days. People have good intentions but get busy with life and forget, but you, the reader, have the power to make or break a book. So, if you would be so kind, please post a review on Amazon. (And Good Reads, too, if you are a member.) It doesn’t have to be long or fancy.  Even a sentence or two means a lot and carries weight with a person looking for a new book. It would mean so much to me.

It's what they say -

The story is that word of mouth is more powerful than the most expensive and expert advertising. I believe that is true, so please pass the word along if you’ve enjoyed my books. I really appreciate it.  Who knows? You could help one of my books become a best seller. Wouldn’t that be amazing?

Finally, there's the Pre-Launch Team.

It’s kind of like the undercover “James Bond” part of the Advanced Readers Club. It’s easy but it isn’t for everyone because it comes with some responsibility. It doesn’t take much time and it only costs 99 cents but it is very important. It is your opportunity to be involved in launching a new book and  it would be such a big help to me. (Oh, there is also a limit to the number of Pre-Launch Team Members for each book.)

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